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New Zealand's First Equities Hedge Fund

Chance Voight is a diversified Australasian investment firm,
led by world-class stock picker Bernard Whimp.

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New Zealand's First Equities Hedge Fund

Chance Voight Investment Partners Limited

Bernard has poured his years of culminative industry experience into building New Zealand's first and only equities hedge fund. His deep value, high conviction investment style has set Chance Voight apart as a dedicated "stock picking" investment firm.

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Bernard has the backing of his highly capable corporate team that he has carefully assembled to take the business forward. Set to command an impressive one billion in capital in the next four years, the team has become a well-oiled machine and is guided relentlessly by the entrepreneur. The Chance Voight name has been trademarked in all the major financial centers in the world, ensuring the firm is well-positioned for its global ambitions.

As a firm, Chance Voight is convinced that many of the financial products currently available from mainstream organisations in New Zealand are structured to produce average outcomes. They aim to make the returns enjoyed by many overseas investors available to everyday New Zealanders. Essentially, they are packaging up the global hedge fund industry and making it accessible for domestic consumption.

Chance Voight

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Building a billion-dollar business in the Australian stock market (ASX).

Chance Voight Investment Partners Limited

The Chance Voight Success

The foundation for their success encompasses many crucial factors, extensive skillsets, clear vision, key framework, financial precision, and impeccable leadership. There is also a deep belief that is ingrained in the firm to simply stack up the small successes everyday all the while keeping the big picture in mind.

"At Chance Voight we are proud of our history and very focused on our future"

Laura Patterson
CVI General Manager
Chance Voight has a strong history of success, not only as a financial business but also in the relationships and trust they have built with their investors. As they reflect on the past several years of company building, they are proud of the outstanding service and returns they have provided to their investors.
Proud of their history, they are very focused on their future. They look to their next major milestone of success as a company of reaching over one billion dollars of capital. As a firm Chance Voight believes they have the required foresight and precise execution to consistently show enormous capacity for success on a global scale.
Chance Voight is firmly of the opinion they are on a steadfast trajectory to be counted as one of the great hedge funds of the future.