Thinking your way to a fortune

How a focus on buying the shares of listed companies at bargain prices can be the best financial decision you’ll ever make.

I’m a New Zealand citizen resident between New Zealand and Australia. Experienced I have over 30 years’ experience in share investment and stock markets, commercial property investment and development, commercial property financing and mortgage lending, property and securities law. I’ve been self-employed in businesses of this nature virtually all my adult life.
I turned an initial investment of $7,000 into a profit of about $4.0M within a few months.
Share Offers For a brief period in late 2010 to early 2011, I operated a “off market offers” shares business. This involved offering to purchase shares directly from the shareholders of companies listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange. These offers were accepted by a considerable number of shareholders, particularly in situations where the shareholder had been gifted their shares (say as a customer of an NZ electricity company) and had no share broking account. The off market offers gave this type of shareholder an easy way to cash in their shares if they chose to do so, and many did. There’s been a lot of mis-information written about these offers with media being easily confused and losing track of the facts. The facts are that through this series of offers I turned an initial investment of $7,000 into a profit of about $4.0M within a few months. I ceased the off market offers business about eight years ago in mid-2011 and spent the following years perfecting my share investment ideas, buying and selling shares on the market. Professional Investor Today I’m a professional share investor with almost a decade’s experience investing via the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).
…you’re investing in an asset that worth’s a lot more than you’re paying for it…
Hedge Fund I’ve established an Australasian hedge fund known as CVI Partners (CVI). CVI Partners is focused on opportunities to buy shares of worthwhile businesses at deeply discounted prices. At CVI we refer to these situations as “half-price businesses” or “cheap assets”. We’re always looking to buy $1.00 of assets for 50 cents. Many investors will be familiar with situations where they’re offered investments which are fully priced, leaving no room for error if anything goes wrong with the investment or the economy.
We’re always looking to buy $1.00 of assets for 50 cents.
Typically, these investments are popular expensive shares or syndicates in entities like commercial property. Sometimes they are agricultural concerns such as dairy farms or orchards. These investments are sold at “top of the market” prices- easy to get into and hard to get out of. The promoter has a deep incentive to get you into the investment because of the upfront fees they receive. CVI believe that the only investment worth considering is one where you’re investing in an asset that is worth a lot more than you’re paying for it. If you’d like to know more about CVI’s investment philosophy, please feel free to email CVI Partners at
Bernard Whimp